User Guide for Organizers

Learn to optimize your Peatix experience from start to finish with our guide to getting started. This guide is recommended for organizers who are using Peatix for the first time, and it includes helpful tips for the following items:

  • Event page creation to publishing
  • Creating tickets
  • Attendee management
  • Ticket sales
  • Event promotion
  • Check-in process

※All three articles below are included in the guide.

  • Event page creation to publishing

    A guide an creation the event page, tickets, and how to customize the event settings.

  • Managing attendees

    A guide on monitoring ticket sales, and managing attendees.

  • The day of the event

    A guide on the check-in process on the day of the event.


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About Peatix

Peatix is an online ticket sales and event management service. With no service or registration fees, Peatix is the world’s most cost-friendly ticketing service. Only for the sale of paid tickets we will charge a payment processing fee.

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