Build a Strong Community with Us

Running a Social Enterprise can be a challenge when you have limited resources. This is why at Peatix, we’ve partnered with raiSE, with benefits specially curated for raiSE Social Enterprise members, to help you get a headstart in growing your community through events.

Grow your business and impact with our support 

Feel the weight lift off your shoulders with Peatix’s low fees, designed to empower independent organizers like yourself to do more with less. Have more time and money on hand to pull off that community event you’ve always dreamed of. Inspire a love for your passion or product amongst your community today, and beyond.​

Build your community with peatix

Create a group easily and start bringing together like-minded people to further your mission. Followers are automatically notified of new events and create conversations with the message function.

Free for Free Tickets

Because if you’re not charging, we won’t either. For paid tickets, Peatix charges a flat fee with no further processing or hidden charges to help you save on costs so you can invest in other areas.

Enjoy Preferential FeeS

Exclusively for raiSE Social Enterprise members only!

4% for standard events (U.P 5%)
5% for Peatix Live events (U.P 5% + $2)

Using events to grow your community has never been easier. Get a head start with these lowered fees and let our suite of solutions help you with the rest.

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"Peatix made it easy to promote our workshops.

It also freed us up from the administrative tasks and allowed us to concentrate on the other aspects of the business."
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"On the day of an event, we love to check our participants in by using their app as it is very easy to scan the participant's QR codes to validate their attendance.

With the preferential rates that Peatix gives to Social Enterprises, we managed to save on transaction costs and use those savings to offer a better experience to our participants.
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"We use Peatix for a number of our events as it’s very easy to use.

It also has a community function where attendees of your events can follow your organisation and receive updates whenever you publish a new event. It also serves as a ticket app where we can easily check in participants via the app."
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Build Your Community with Peatix

Your submission will help us verify that you are a raiSE Social Enterprise member. Please fill it out to enjoy preferential rates for your upcoming events. (*Valid through 2023)

Peatix is an event discovery platform that connects people to communities through a shared passion for all things similar and different.

Whether you are a budding enterprise owner with a business that serves to do good or an aspiring craft-maker seeking tools of the trade, Peatix delivers these unique experiences and connections, right into the hands of those who seek.

raiSE was set up in 2015 to develop the social enterprise sector in Singapore.

As a membership body, raiSE supports over 350 social enterprise members in their social enterprise journeys, from set-up to growth and expansion, resourcing them with advisory services, knowledge, skills, networks and funds where needed to create the impact that they wish to.

Ultimately, raiSE brings together the larger community of social enterprises, aspiring social entrepreneurs, supportive organisations and individuals through our various programmes, initiatives and events to help build a vibrant social enterprise ecosystem. Through our work within our social enterprise family and our growing networks, our goal is for the local social enterprise sector to be an active part of a more caring and inclusive society in Singapore.

To learn more about the support that raiSE provides, please visit their website here: