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Learn how you can give your event added exposure among Peatix users with five easy ways.
"Peatix boost has helped spread awareness amongst its general customer base and it can be helpful for some Peatix users to see a Comedy Event they might not have heard of previously."
Umar Rana
Founder of Comedy Masala
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Five Effective Ways to Promote Your Events

Increase the discoverability of your event by having it show up in the Top 6 spots when users search for events in a specific category.

How it works: With 17 categories to choose from, users browsing the Peatix app, mobile & web browser for events in that category are more likely to view your page when searching for events of similar categories and tags.

Categories available: (1) Arts/Design (2) Business (3) Causes/Nonprofit (4) Music (5) Dating/Singles (6) Family/Kids (7) Fashion/Beauty (8) Film/Media (9) Food/Drink (10) Meetups/Community Events (11) Parties/Nightlife (12) Religion/Spirituality (13) Science/Technology (14) Seminars/Talks (15) Sports/Wellness (16) Startup/Entrepreneurship (17) Theatre/Dance

Through our targeted Recommendation Emails, you can reach out to new and wider audiences directly via their email.

Peatix users who receive Recommendation Emails are attendees who have previously purchased tickets for events in the same categories.

How it works: These Recommendation Emails show them events that are consistent with their lifestyle based on similar past-purchase behaviour, resulting in higher engagement as the content is relevant to them.

Heighten the visibility of your event by having it prominently placed on our Featured Events list.

How it works: The Featured Events list is one of the first segments displayed on the Peatix app, mobile & web browser.

Great for organisers looking to increase the visibility of their event to more than 77,000 monthly visitors in Malaysia.


Open up a new audience for your event by featuring it in the Peatix Attendee Newsletter.

Reach out to more than 30,000 highly engaged attendees (with above industry open rate) from various event categories within Peatix directly in their mailbox. Attendees on Peatix often attend events in multiple genres. This allows you to expand your audience beyond usual attendees of your own genre.

The newsletter highlights your event with a short description to increase click-through rate.

Are you restricted by external platforms but keen to promote your event to the Peatix database?

Have the best of both worlds with Peatix’s External Link feature.

How it works: The External Link feature enables users, app & web visitors (>77K monthly visitors in MY) to discover and receive recommendations of your event on Peatix, and can be seamlessly redirected to your own website to complete registration.

Promote your event further with Category/Tag Search, Featured Events, Recommendation Emails & External Link


Category Search

Top 6 Placement on Selected Category and/or Tags


per category per day

  • Placement on app & web
  • Targets attendees searching for events in a specific category

Recommendation Email

Targeted email to attendees based on past purchase behaviour


per 1000 users

  • Reach attendees in their inbox
  • Targets attendees who have purchased tickets to similar events

Featured Event

Top 6 Placement


per day

  • Placement on app & web
  • Placement on homepage & search

Attendee Newsletter

Featured in Newsletter to Attendees


> 30,000 subscribers

  • Direct Email to Mailbox
  • Reach New Audience beyond Your Genre
  • Description about Event to Increase Click-Through Rate

External Link

Links out to External Ticketing Site


for 7 days

  • Discoverable on app & web
  • Tagged to event categories and recommended to relevant users

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