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Umar Rana
Founder of Comedy Masala
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Four Effective Ways to Promote Your Events

Featured Event

Top 6 Placement

RM 49

per day

  • Placement on app & web
  • Placement on homepage & search

Category Search

Top 6 Placement on Selected Category and/or Topic

RM 9

per category per day

  • Placement on app & web
  • Targets attendees searching for events in a specific category

Recommendation Email

Targeted email to attendees based on past purchase behaviour

RM 299

per 2000 distributions

  • Reach attendees in their inbox
  • Targets attendees who have purchased tickets to similar events

External Link

Links out to External Ticketing Site

RM 199

Fee Waived

  • Discoverable on app & web
  • Tagged to event categories and recommended to relevant users

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