Peatix Reseller Market

Stop scalpers, be in control of ticket resale, and keep tickets affordable and secure for real fans.

All resale tickets in
one place

Fans who cannot attend can still sell their tickets through Peatix Reseller Market.

Fans can buy tickets from the marketplace with complete peace of mind - all tickets sold through the Reseller Market are verified and backed by Peatix. This will protect fans from fraudulent tickets

Set a cap on resale ticket price

Stop profiteering scalpers from inflating prices excessively.

For example, if the original ticket price is $100, you can cap the resale price at $130 so no ticket holder can resell it for more than that.

Organizers have the option to split the markup of the resale tickets with the sellers, so that you share in the profit for your hard work.

Peatix Reseller Market

Where technology returns the show to fans.

About Peatix

Peatix is a global community building and event ticketing platform that provides organizers with powerful tools to grow communities, create, promote, manage and sell out events of all sizes. From concerts to conferences and everything in between, Peatix’s innovative, mobile-centric solution for event management has served over 100,000 events as part of 60,000 interest groups across 27 countries since its inception in May 2011.

Photo by Rizky Budiyanto

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