The Introductory Meetup as a Gateway into Japan

Having operated a multi-national startup with Japanese origins, we receive a lot of questions about how to enter the Japanese market. We understand how Japan as a market is attractive; with 125MM people living in one of the world’s most advanced infrastructures, it’s certainly an opportunity that cannot be neglected. Yet it is so different and peculiar in many ways. Japanese customers can be very demanding, the local customs and regulatory hurdles can be hard to navigate, and there are large competitors in every segment. Even the largest of players from the US or Europe can still find it difficult to achieve success in Japan.

But as in any market, the very first, crucial step is to create the right network. Whether it be your first batch of customers, leaders and employees, investors, or business partners, there’s no better way to set afoot in Japan and find the right people than good old networking. But you can’t do this by walking into Shibuya and accosting people. You need to start with the right connections and somehow circumnavigate the ecosystem from there. A launch event announcing your foray into Japan, and an opportunity to mingle with the right crowd could be the most effective way to start. The very nature of what we do at Peatix (events!), gives us the conviction that an event can be the best way to start in the beautiful but difficult market that is Japan.

Imagining your customized, launch event

Let’s say you get 30 to 50 people to attend your launch announcement event comprised of a presentation, Q&A session, and networking time. You probably want the right mix of attendees; potential customers, potential business partners, and media. With immaculate execution, meaning if you can convey the excitement of your service or product coming to Japan, this first batch of attendees will become your most loyal supporters in Japan. They’ll be the ones to say “I was at the [fill in your product or service name] launch event” and will spread the word, and help you find even more relevant people to your cause.

Peatix can help

And so you’ve got your plane tickets and are ready to this. This is where we can help. Peatix has a database of 3 million event-goers in every category you can imagine, and also a vast network of local startup personnel, media personnel, investors, you name it. We can quickly put together your launch event, invite the right people, fill in all the seats, all within a week or so. Hiring a major, local PR firm to do all of this can be really expensive and time consuming. Because Peatix is in the business of events, and because we’re a team with international outlook, we can do it better than anybody else. We’ve done this for major US startups and VCs/accelerators. We can certainly help you, too.

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