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Women Who Code KL

Women Who Code KL is a non-profit organization dedicated to inspiring women to pursue and excel in technology careers. Women in KL, you can attend software development workshops, meet with and be mentored by techies, and receive support from WWCode’s global community. They’re paving the way for women to enjoy a higher income, make an impact, and champion for diversity in tech!

The Hub Singapore

The Hub Singapore is Singapore's largest community of start-ups and entrepreneurs. Digital nomads, here's a coworking space with everything you need to support your entrepreneurial journey - from mentorships, incubation, workshops, marketing support, plus a dedicated corporate enagement program. They understand the need for community-spirited support in the path less trodden.

Geek Girl Web

GeekGirlWeb is a portal of resources that teach women to code, improve on personal branding, and build a career in tech. Ladies, it's time to start doing and stop dreaming - find the tools you need on GeekGirlWeb and equip yourselves with the right skills to bring your idea to life. Rebecca, the founder, taught herself to code at 14 and it's her mission to share her knowledge and help you create the best version of you.


LEAD is a platform for all developers based in Malaysia to share their ideas and projects in a space where they can explore their interest in technology across all platforms and languages. Whether you are a budding developer, a coding ninja, or contemplating a career switch to tech – you will find a passionate community eager to learn from one another’s skills and knowledge across various sectors.

GameStart Asia

GameStart Asia, a convention for gamers by gamers, has become Southeast Asia’s premier go-to convention which saw an attendance of over 17,000 gamers in 2015! Gamers, this convention was designed for you to geek out together over old fan favorites, preview upcoming games, cosplay, and more.


BurgieLaw is an online appointment-booking platform for over 100 lawyers in Malaysia which aims to simplify your search for lawyers and make legal services more accessible. Founders and investors daunted by the intricacies of the law can attend the events organized by BurgieLaw for the startup community, where seasoned lawyers tackle these issues.


CRIB is a social impact community that supports women entrepreneurs, particularly mothers, who are doing their best to achieve work-life balance. Women who play dual roles of entrepreneur and mother, will find the support they need at CRIB to have a fulfilling career while making family a priority.

NEXT Academy

NEXT Academy wants to groom the next generation of world class coders. They believe that coding shouldn't be restricted to just the older generation. Young coders, at NEXT, you will find a curriculum that is designed to help nurture you into a world class junior developer, capable of securing jobs at the most renown tech companies around the world.


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