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Need a hand to manage onsite check-ins for your event? Hire from our pool of well-trained personnel, and take your mind off the registration table on the event day.

Prices start at RM140 per staff for 4 hours.

Have your own registration team? Splendid. Contact us to arrange a consultation and training session to ensure your team is well-prepared for a smooth onsite event experience.

Consultation and training is by appointment only.

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Keen to assign seats to your attendees?

Benefits of reserved seating events:

  • Encourages people to purchase tickets early to get the best seats
  • Better crowd control on the event day – prevent crowd rush when doors open
  • Attendees have greater control over their event experience
  • Organisers optimise revenue from tiered pricing based on seat location

Attendees will be allocated the best seat available in the selected ticket category at the time of purchase.

Organisers are able to decide how seats will be assigned prior to publishing the event page.

Prices start at RM179 for a venue of up to 500 seats.

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Inviting VIP to your event and do not need them to RSVP online? Send them a customised Peatix complimentary ticket.

No need for searching through long name lists; a Peatix QR code will be embedded within the ticket, allowing check-in personnel to scan and validate their tickets swiftly using the same check-in system used for ticket buyers.

  • Tickets will be delivered to the event organiser electronically in PDF (Portable Document Format), which can be sent to guests via email or printed out and sent by mail
  • Ticket design to be provided by the event organiser

Prices start at RM2.29 per ticket with a minimum order of 100 tickets.

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Have event sponsors / looking to get sponsors for your event?

Add value for potential sponsors and increase sponsorship retention with Peatix EventAd.

With logo placements and digital coupons of your sponsors delivered to attendees at optimum timings at multiple points of the event journey, Peatix EventAd helps increase brand engagement and ROI for event sponsors.

Activation fee is RM49 per logo and per digital coupon placement.

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  1. Expecting an overwhelming response for your event but have limited venue capacity?
  2. Does the quality of your attendees matter to you?
  3. Wish to prioritise certain groups of attendees over others?

Curate your event attendees with the Peatix Selection feature. Get the right mix and quality of attendees for higher audience engagement and a great event experience for everyone.

Activation fee is RM199 per event.

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Concerned that your event may have a ticket scalping problem? Put your mind at ease with Peatix Secondary Ticketing .

Key features:

  • Event organizers can set an upper limit on the ticket resale price
  • Ticket reseller incurs a premium fee if asking price exceeds original ticket price, a portion of which goes to the event organizer
  • Ticket fraud is improving as resale of tickets happen within the Peatix platform

Peatix takes 50% cut from the premium fees collected; the rest of which goes to the event organizer.

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Give your event that extra exposure among our users with Peatix Boost.

Explore 4 effective ways to promote your event:

  1. Featured Events & Groups
  2. Category Search
  3. Targeted Recommendation Email
  4. Link out to External Ticketing Site

Prices start at RM9 per day.

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Need to pay for event expenses like speaker fees, catering and venue hire in advance? We’ve got you covered.

Our advance payout service allows you to receive a portion of your ticket sales prior to your event.

Peatix fee for advance payout events: 8% + RM1.99 per ticket

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We're committed to the success of your events.

"Peatix has been exemplary in their service since Day 1 - being on the frontline with us at events & ensuring that our door team is well-prepared for check-ins. We can count on them to make it a good experience for us as organisers and for our event attendees."
Hazel Ang
Founder of Hazel's Guestlist - Nightlife & Events in Singapore
"We have been working with Peatix for Penang Anime Matsuri for 3 years. They get better every year with their services and in advancing their ticketing system to support our growing events. Definitely a long term partner for PAM."
Jim Khor
Event Director of Penang Anime Matsuri (Organised by Sozo)
“Peatix provided onsite check-in support for my event and they were top-notch. Check-ins went off without a hitch; fans were seated promptly.”
Dr Jason Leong
Comedian & Organiser of 'You Stupid or What?!' a Stand-Up Comedy Showcase

About Peatix

Peatix is a global community building and event ticketing platform that provides event organisers with powerful tools to grow communities, create, promote, manage and sell out events of all sizes. From concerts to conferences and everything in between, Peatix’s innovative, mobile-centric solution for event management has served over 100,000 events as part of 60,000 interest groups across 27 countries since its inception in May 2011.

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